At Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic,
we recognize the importance of treating the “whole” pet, providing for both physical and psychological needs.


Our Mission:

To provide the most advanced medical care available for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, small mammals, and many other exotic species kept as pets.

We provide our pet owners with up-to-date information on nutrition, husbandry, preventive health care, behavior, and environmental enrichment. In this way, our pet owners have the information and tools needed to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life with their furred, feathered, or scaled family member.

Meet our team of skilled veterinary professionals and take a virtual tour of our clinic. Enjoy getting to know us from the comfort of your own home.

24/7 Pet Return

A problem that affects us all is missing pets. Each community needs a proactive system that serves to develop a network of veterinarians, media, and concerned citizens to help protect our pets. Our goal at is to develop a database with vital information on every pet in the DFW area so that no matter where an incident occurs, we can provide the necessary information to aid in that pet’s safe recovery.

twork of concerned citizens and veterinarians to help aid in the event of an emergency. The nature of our business is one of aggressive growth. Our strength is in our numbers.

Promise to our members: 24/7 Pet Return realizes that one of your most important possessions is your pet. That’s why we promise we will never share your pet’s information with anyone, for any reason, with the exception of this information being used to aid in the recovery of your pet if he or she should ever become missing.