Health Care Resources for Dallas Pet Owners

Pet Vaccinations

Informed pet owners choose veterinary care that provides owner support with access to resources for pet health information. Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic supports you with up-to-date information on pet nutrition, husbandry, preventive health care, behavior, and environmental enrichment. Our goal is to offer the information and tools you need to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life with your furred, feathered, or scaled family member.

Care for All of Your Animal Companions

Your pets have special needs. Our professional team offers guidance in the everyday care and maintenance of your special family member. Explore the information for each of the pet species we treat:

In addition, we offer pet dental care information so you may make an informed decision about regular oral grooming and dental products. Then review our Wellness Plans to understand veterinary care throughout your pet’s life.

Enjoy reading our case of the month to learn about complex or unique veterinary challenges and how we handled them.

Microchip Pets for Lifelong Security

Summertree Clinic offers the security of the ResQ® microchip pet identification system. This simple, one-time precautionary procedure offers pet owners peace of mind for a lifetime.

ResQ features a microchip that is approximately the size of a grain of rice and is implanted into a pet with a single-use syringe. The microchip contains a unique serial number that can be read using a radio frequency scanner. Once the serial number has been detected and read by the scanner, the pet can be traced to its owner and reunited.