Pet Dental Care & Teeth Cleaning for the Health of Your Dog, Cat & Small Mammal

Pet Dental Care

Veterinary experts agree that regular dental cleaning and maintenance offers extraordinary benefits to pets, including overall health and longevity. Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic provides teeth cleaning and dental care for dogs, cats, and small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

Domestic pets are subject to many health risks, but most are preventable with regular veterinary wellness care. Dental cleaning has been found to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. More significant is the impact regular pet dental care and teeth cleaning have on heart, lung, and kidney health.

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

We perform basic oral exams at every wellness visit. However, your pet will require anesthesia in order to provide a thorough exam and teeth cleaning. Anesthesia reduces the tremendous stress most animals feel during teeth cleaning and maximizes the safety of your pet.

Dental services are performed under general anesthesia to allow thorough examination, radiographs, and cleaning. We take digital X-rays to look for abscessed roots or tooth abnormalities. We remove plaque and tarter using an ultrasonic scaler, extract teeth if necessary, and polish the teeth. Finally, we apply fluoride treatment and Oravet® to seal teeth and decrease the rate of tarter accumulation.

After the cleaning, we recommend a teeth brushing regime, home use of Oravet, and feeding Royal Canin Dental diet formulated with nutritional ingredients to aid in teeth care. We also recommend CET dental chews to help with overall care of your pet’s teeth.

Learn to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

We are pleased to assist you with techniques and products for brushing your pet’s teeth. If started young, most pets seem to enjoy this grooming time with their owners.

Small Mammal Dental Care

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small mammals require very specialized dental care. Many owners do not realize the teeth of lagomorphs (rabbits), cavies (guinea pigs), and other rodents grow continuously throughout their life. We are well equipped to do oral exams, trim incisors, float molar (cheek) teeth, and perform extractions if needed.

Affordable Pet Dental Care

Summertree recommends routine pet dental care as part of our regular wellness services, with an emphasis on prevention in oral and dental care. We offer reasonable rates for pet dental care including teeth cleaning and treatment for periodontal disease. In addition, we offer discounted dental services if performed within 30 days of our recommendation.

Our quality dental care at a reasonable rate allows all pet owners to provide their pets with clean teeth, fresh breath, and improved health. 

Dental Forms