Veterinarians in North Dallas Offer Pet Care Resources

Pet Resources

Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic offers a variety of resources to enhance your pet ownership experience. Our pet health library provides you with collection of highly informative pet care articles and videos created by veterinary professionals and specialists. The pet picture gallery gives owners of every age the opportunity to brag about their pets and document their growth. In addition, we offer a list of our favorite links to pet-related organizations and resources.

Take a virtual tour of our clinic, meet our team, and then contact us to schedule your first visit.

Additional Resources for Pet Owners

The following resources make your life easier and keep you informed and up to date:

  • New clients—Read our policies, learn about us, and download our convenient online forms.
  • News—Check out the most current news in veterinary medicine and bulletins from our office.
  • Blog—Enjoy regular posts from our professionals, answering your questions and explaining the latest developments in pet care.
  • Adoption—View photos and read profiles of area pets looking for the perfect family.

When you are experiencing the loss of a pet, or are preparing for that time, we offer an extensive library of articles and answers to frequently asked questions about managing loss, as well as options for memorializing your special animal companion.

At Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic, we treat the whole pet while supporting the bond between pets and their owners.