Exotics Pet Vet Offers Service for Birds, Reptiles, Pocket Pets & Other Exotics

Exotic Pet Services

Exotics include a wide variety of pets from birds and reptiles to pocket pets. The veterinarians at Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic offer extensive experience in treating these exotic pets.

While we treat many diverse pet species, we regret we are unable to provide services for venomous snakes or spiders. If you are unsure, contact our clinic to find out if we treat your specific type of exotic pet.

Pet Birds (Parrots, Passerines & Columbiformes)

Birds are beautiful and delightful pets, varied in species, color, size, and lifespan like no other. Our veterinarians offer extensive experience in the care of birds with basic avian care and avian pet services such as surgery and behavior training.

Backyard Poultry

An increasing number of urbanites are discovering the joys of keeping chickens in their own backyard. In addition to earning their keep by providing fresh eggs, backyard chickens also become part of the family. This new family pet requires a special knowledge of avian preventive medicine and husbandry, as well as which medications are safe to use in poultry. We are here to meet all your backyard poultry needs!


Reptiles offer a wide variety of fascinating and unusual pet options. A pet reptile is a good choice for busy pet owners, those allergic to fur or feathers, and owners who prefer a less socially oriented or hands-on pet. These exotic pets can come with unique challenges for the inexperienced owner. Learn more about our recommendations for reptile care.

If you decide on a reptile as a pet, we recommend consulting with us prior to your purchase or adoption. We are able to advise you about veterinary concerns, natural habitat, health and wellness, and basic and long-term needs.

Pocket Pets

Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and ferrets are often called pocket pets. These smaller pets have specific diet, housing, and handling requirements, and they need just as much care and attention as other animal companions.

We offer veterinary wellness care, medical and surgical services, support, and guidance to pocket pet owners. Feel free to consult us prior to your pocket pet purchase, to determine what types of these small mammals may best suit the needs of your family.

Enjoy this article about pocket pet care.

More Exotic Pet Information

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