Veterinary Diagnostics Including Digital X-ray

Pet Digital Radiology

Our animal companions may develop illnesses or injuries that are invisible to the eye. It is sometimes difficult to determine the level of pain our pet is experiencing or the exact source of discomfort in the body. That is where experience and technology become important to your pet, and we offer you both in our diagnostic imaging department.

The proper use of diagnostic equipment and the expert interpretation of results are essential in treating our patients. We offer you this quality combination: our highly skilled professionals using the finest diagnostic technology available.

Digital X-ray Technology

Radiographs, commonly referred to as X-rays, are widely used in any veterinary practice. They offer both speed and relatively low cost when diagnosing illness or injury in pets. Modern X-rays produce images that are clearer and expose the patient to very small doses of radiation, harmless to your pet when used appropriately.

At Summertree Clinic, we offer our patients the latest in X-ray technology: digital radiographs. This type of digital imaging provides an extraordinarily detailed X-ray displayed on a monitor, excellent for use in the initial diagnosis, as well as for ongoing needs such as tracking structural healing in a broken bone.

Digital radiographs are also excellent for use in pet dental care. In a thorough dental evaluation, digital dental X-rays provide fine detail of a very small area.

Digital storage and computerized sharing capabilities bring a convenience and accuracy previously unseen in radiography. Collaborating with specialists or obtaining a second opinion can be achieved with immediate results.

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