Support for Pets & Owners: End-of-Life Care & Pet Loss Services

Pet End-of-Life Care

When a pet is reaching the end of life, your Summertree veterinary professionals are here to support and guide you with services, information, and resources. We offer advanced diagnostic technology and professionals experienced in internal medicine, for the earliest diagnosis and treatment of disease. Often, with appropriate care and pain management, our pets are able to remain comfortable and interactive until the end.

Our compassionate team focuses on quality of life for every patient. Options include critical care services and providing care at home with support for the comfort of your special pet. When euthanasia is considered, our veterinarians offer guidance and make recommendations based on the needs of the patient and the pet owner. Please remember that, when quality of life begins to deteriorate, our team will honor your decisions and wishes.

While most animal companions facing end of life are senior pets, we often treat those with chronic and progressive illnesses. It is important to remember that pets age at a more rapid rate than we do, and an illness may progress from exhibiting the first symptoms to a critical state in a very short amount of time.

Preparing for End of Life

While preparing for the end seems premature to some owners, we can guide you through the realistic expectations for the patient. With a serious prognosis, it may be advisable to prepare family members and think about final arrangements. Our team offers support in these issues and an explanation of all available options.

Our pet loss section provides a library of information and the opportunity to create a memorial for your special pet.