Summertree Veterinarians Offer Pet Pain Relief for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

Pet Pain Management

It was once thought animals did not feel pain or they perceived pain differently than humans. It was also believed pain following surgery or injury was beneficial to animals, limiting movement to prevent further injury.

At Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic, we have a more modern understanding of pet pain. We know animals and humans are similar in developing and processing pain. In our patients, untreated pain reduces quality of life, increases suffering, and prolongs recovery from surgery, injury, or illness.

Humane Pain Relief for Pets

It is our goal, then, to approach pain management in a more productive and humane manner. Our veterinarians understand the use of medications and supplements to control pain, as well as how multiple therapies can benefit patients. Preventing and managing pain has become a fundamental part of quality and compassionate patient care in veterinary medicine.

As patient advocates, our veterinary team has the responsibility to recognize, assess, prevent, and treat pain. Their skill and compassion in this task are unparalleled.

We Treat the Whole Pet

Our veterinarians use a comprehensive approach to pain management, attempting to alleviate discomfort as quickly as possible with the fewest side effects. An integrative approach to veterinary medicine includes the use of conventional medicine combined with alternative therapies to manage both chronic and acute pain in pets.

Our proactive, multi-modal approach to enhanced health and pain management includes nutritional therapy and cold laser therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy for Pet Pain

Our use of cold laser therapy, commonly called “cold laser,” has enhanced pain management for many patients, including those recovering from surgery. In addition, those pets with injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis experience great relief from these painless and non-invasive treatments. Aging pets have found greater mobility and comfort in their senior years with such treatments.

Learn more about our use of laser therapy for pet pain relief. Find a detailed explanation about pain management and our use of safe anesthetics during veterinary surgery.