Health & Wellness Care Tailored to Your Pet’s Needs

Pet Wellness Care

Wellness care is a concept that has evolved from human medicine to veterinary protocols. The spirit of this approach for pets focuses on preventive health care, designed to identify problems, concerns, and diseases early enough to treat with the least invasive means possible.

Our ultimate goal in veterinary care is to avoid pain and suffering in pets. The professionals at Summertree continue to develop comprehensive wellness care plans that support this philosophy.

Pet Wellness Care Plans

Wellness plans address every aspect of your pet’s life, from young pet vaccinations to senior exercise and diets. The cornerstone of your pet’s care is the wellness exam, typically scheduled twice annually.

View our wellness plans for your pet, available to download, print, and post in your home.

Custom Care for Your Pet’s Needs

While we provide an outline of typical wellness care for pets, we customize your plan based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Breed or type
  • Overall condition
  • Lifestyle

In every case, we perform a thorough assessment and discuss any changes or concerns that may have developed since the last visit. The veterinarian examines your pet from head to tail: ears; eyes; nose; mouth; lymph nodes; heart; lungs; skin; fur, feathers, or scales; reproductive organs; legs and feet; joints; and muscles.

Vital statistics, such as temperature, pulse, respiration, and weight, are taken and recorded. Expect a review of your pet’s dietary plan and food consumption, water intake, exercise, and weight gain or loss. This is also the time to discuss behavioral concerns, from basic training to problem behaviors that may have developed since your last visit. Of course, your veterinarian is skilled at interpreting animal behaviors, and we may recommend specific behavior training techniques.

The need for vaccinations is weighed against the risks, and an appropriate plan will be designed for your pet. Depending upon your type of pet and lifestyle risks, we may recommend several vaccines on a regular basis or none at all. We encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have regarding pet vaccinations at these wellness visits.

Learn more about wellness care for avian and exotic pets.

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