Summertree Clinic Offers Painless Diagnostic Technology:
Veterinary Ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound

Our small animal companions may develop illnesses or injuries that are hidden inside their bodies. It is sometimes difficult to determine the level of pain our pet is experiencing or the exact source of discomfort in the body.

Experience and technology are important to the health of your pet. At Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic, we offer you both in our diagnostic imaging department.

The proper use of diagnostic equipment and the expert interpretation of results are essential in treating our patients. We offer you this quality combination: our highly skilled professionals using the finest diagnostic technology available.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound is painless, non-invasive, and requires no exposure to radiation. It is safe to use on delicate tissue such as the retina, the spinal cord, and developing fetuses.

Sonograms are performed using a small, hand-held probe called a transducer. Aided by a topical gel, the transducer is moved across the surface of the skin and a “live” view of the patient’s organs is visible on a screen. The transducer may be moved around for viewing various angles or producing still shots of specific areas.

Uses for Ultrasound

This technology may be used in guiding the veterinarian when performing delicate procedures such as biopsies or fluid drainage. Observing a joint in motion or the functioning of the heart is also possible.

Since ultrasound produces no radiation as in X-ray technology, it is preferred for pregnant patients and it is harmless to the fetus. Ultrasound technology is virtually painless for the patient, an advantage when dealing with frightened, traumatized, or uncomfortable pets.

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