Dr. Michelle Wilson - Associate Veterinarian


Dr. Michelle Wilson wasn't allowed to have noisy or high-maintenance pets as a child, so she contented herself with an assortment of fish and hermit crabs until she could volunteer at the local animal shelter.

As she went through her middle-school years, she started to develop an interest in science and medicine, and a thought began to take shape: what if she could do something that involved both medicine and animals? Young Dr. Wilson soon decided that she would become a veterinarian when she grew up! Her dream came true-she's proud to serve as an Associate Veterinarian here at Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic.

Dr. Wilson hails from Edmond, Oklahoma, and was only 14 years old when she started shadowing at the veterinary clinic of a family friend. Two years later at 16, she started working in the kennel of another local hospital. She knew right away it was the perfect path for her! Dr. Wilson rose in the ranks to become a Veterinary Assistant as she completed her high school years, and then headed off to Oklahoma State University for both her undergraduate and Doctoral degrees. During her senior year of veterinary school, she visited a few practices in the Dallas area, and Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic made a lasting impression. Dr. Wilson was happy to accept a job offer a short time later, and the rest is history.

Medically, Dr. Wilson enjoys parasitology and loves to examine samples under the microscope. She's also particularly fond of rabbit care. She had a rabbit as a child and quickly became obsessed, and she's loved our floppy-eared friends ever since. In fact, Dr. Wilson and her husband, Tyler, have a rabbit of their own at home: the sweet but sassy Doc.

When she's not at work or spending time with family and friends, Dr. Wilson enjoys caring for her many plants, cooking and baking, hiking and camping in the great outdoors, and exploring all that the Dallas area has to offer. Dr. Wilson and Tyler are also active in their church and love to do missionary work abroad. Between the two of them, they have eight trips to various countries under their belts, and hope to go on many more adventures in the future!

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