Pet Patient Portal

We are proud to offer 24/7 access to your pet's latest medical reminders, prescriptions, appointments, and more using our online portal and mobile app.

By using the PetPage app or online portal, you can easily view upcoming procedures and services for your pet, manage appointments, and request prescription refills.

Portal FAQ & Resources

Where can I download the PetPage app?

The PetPage app can be downloaded for  Android  or  iPhone .

How do I access the pet portal from my computer?

If you prefer to access the pet portal through your web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can click here.

Can I use both the PetPage app and Online Portal?

Yes. Your account will allow you to log into both services.

Am I required to use the portal?

No. While we do find that the PetPage app and online portal are useful to our customers, you are welcome to contact us.

"I’m so thankful I took my parakeet to Summertree Animal and Bird clinic. My parakeet was acting sick for a couple of days, I took her there for an exam, we didn’t had to wait we were seen right away! Dr.s assistant was very nice and both did great monitoring my bird, took x-rays and after 4 days of my bird taking her medication she is going great. Thank you so much for being such as an amazing team! And caring for our feathered friends. Highly recommend this location!"

Thania Rodriguez

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